We often think we need the help of professionals—psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, or members of the clergy—and indeed some of us do, but many of us do not need to spend long hours and many dollars in a professional’s office. We have found a way to help each other to grow emotionally and spiritually and to help ourselves in the process—a way which does not require professional assistance because we already have within ourselves all that is required to fill our emptiness, to solve our problems, to find significance. All we need to make use of our own internal powers is a gentle guide and the proper atmosphere. The way we have found makes use of the basic principles of psychology and psychiatry as well as all the fundamental principles of major world religions from Hinduism and Buddhism to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. These basic principles are so simple and so encompassing that we do not need professionals to interpret them for us. They are all simply summarized for us in twelve simple steps.

Our way is entirely universal; it excludes no one. It welcomes all without exception. It unifies us with each other and harmonizes us within ourselves. It is a way which each of us is free to internalize in his or her own way and at his or her own pace. In fact, as we have said, it is already within us. All we really need is the willingness and patience to look within, to find it, to bring it into our consciousness, and to use it in our daily lives. That’s the difficult part—applying it! But that is only difficult if we try to do it all at once. If we allow ourselves the time we actually have, it becomes easier and easier.

the twelve steps for everyone who really wants them, pg 10

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