meaning and depth and whatnot


Sometimes I wish that just making something pretty was enough to get an A. But it’s not. There’s got to be all this other stuff: meaning and depth and whatnot. Just because something’s nice to look at doesn’t make it art.  And I hate that. I hate having to make something “deep” or whatever. Sure, depth has it’s place. But why do I have to play god to create it?

Because a lot of times in the art world, making something “deep” just means portraying your opinion in an arrogant and manipulative way. Often times it’s political. Which kills me.

Having an opinion means you’re making a judgement about something. God is the ultimate judge. Therefore why the heck do any of my judgements matter? Why would I bother making them? They’re pretty much guaranteed to be wrong.

Of course depth is important. But I’m tired of mixing up depth with conceitedness. Depth exists everywhere. On its own. We just have to shut up long enough to see it. To observe. Silently. In the corner. To watch people. At work. And appreciate their process, which we don’t have to understand.










But then again, that’s just my opinion. LOL.

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