my blog stinks

I just ran across a fellow graphic design undergrad’s portfolio website today, and…it’s way better than my blog. Her site is so elegant and professional. Mine is just a motley combination of terrible work I did in intro classes. Even her “doodles” are miraculous. Plus, hers is technically not a blog; it’s just a portfolio site. She doesn’t write awful posts about random stuff no one cares about like I do. I’m really revealing my immaturity here. Gonna have to re-evalutate my website. And make better work. And clean up my presentation.

And become an amazing painter so I can start selling paintings on the side. Not that she does that or anything…

One comment

  1. Wendy Pruitt · November 15, 2017

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Think of your blog as a learning process.😀 Besides, I enjoy reading it.


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