This is me. Walking who knows where. It kinda looks like I’m walking into a wall… that was unintentional.

I’ve dreamt of living in Santa Fe, NM for years now. It’s so ridiculous; I’ve never even been there. I think I saw it in documentary once, and then I decided I wanted to live there. I wanted to grow up and build my studio there. And walk down the street to get my coffee every morning and say hi to the flower shop owner and street painter on the way.

It just seems like such a perfect place. It’s an escape. When I get stressed out, I think of Santa Fe. It’s so dumb.

The truth is I have no idea where I’m going. I never have, but especially now. And it’s not just because I’m a wandering college student. It’s a family thing.

I feel uprooted. Actually, I feel like i’ve never had roots. Where do you go when you don’t have roots?

Maybe I’ll just keep walking towards this wall and see what happens.

ps. i’m wearing a mitten bc I messed up drawing my hand. I just feel like I needed to address the elephant in the room.

One comment

  1. kenzay · February 22, 2018

    i was legit wondering why you had a Micheal Jackson glove lol


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