I guess I do my best thinking at one am.

Here’s what I’m thinking: today, I feel like a failure. Or yesterday, I guess. But it’s still carrying over.

I feel hideous. Ashamed. Unlovable. Disgusting.

I despise myself at the moment.

But that’s the key word: moment. Moment. Mooommmeeennntttttt.

We’re supposed to live in the moment. That’s how the saying goes. But when I live in the moment, I get stuck in the moment. I focus on the moment, and when I think I’ve messed up in the moment, I think of nothing else, but that moment. No other time in my life comes to mind. It’s just pure, utter self hatred. And wishing I could just be invisible. All the joy I’ve had. All those other moments when I’ve loved myself—just gone like they never even happened.

And I’ve had a lot of moments of self love. I mean for real, I’m freaking obsessed with myself. I am proud of my accomplishments, often. I like my personality, much of the time.

But in this moment, I feel like a failure. And that’s all I can think about.

So maybe I shouldn’t live in the moment. Maybe I should step out and look at the bigger picture. And think about tomorrow, and not how I plan on punishing myself tomorrow. But tomorrow: as an opportunity to love God and love others. Because that’s the biggest thing. That’s what really matters, every waking moment.




To live a life of love.

To love your neighbor as yourself.

Which means I have to love myself

…every waking moment. Not just the happy moments.

No more self hatred. How do I make it stop?

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