yep. walls.

One am. Again. What is my deal?

Turns out I WAS walking into walls. HA. Seriously. It’s because I was in a hurry, so I was tryina make up my own paths. But apparently they weren’t the ANCIENT paths. Wow this is really coming full circle for me. Ok. So Ima stop walking into walls for a while. I’m just gonna stand. Still. Like, not move. Just wait. Just wait right here and not make any plans until the Good Lord reveals them to me. This is a lesson in PATIENCE, one that I apparently cannot avoid.

BTW I’m up right now because I just spent like four hours tryina update my blog. I tried like twelve different WordPress themes. I even created a whole new blog on Wix ( …it’s a WIP). And after all that crap, I went BACK to my original theme. I changed it up a lil bit, but seriously. I went BACK TO MY ORIGINAL THEME. BECAUSE IT WAS BETTER THE WAY IT WAS. IT DIDN’T NEED NO INNOVATION. ALL THAT WORK. I SHOULDA TRUSTED MY ORIGINAL JUDGEMENT. I WALKED INTO A WALL. AGAIN. I HAVE GOT TO STOP MOVING.

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