all-time fav


My .3 lead mechanical pencil isn’t working ~again~ and it’s affecting me on a psychological level. This is my all-time fav pencil—the only one I will use. But it’s actually really high maintenance. It goes through lead fast, and it stops working on the reg.

It’s like an unhealthy relationship. I’m so dependent on this pencil, and he obviously doesn’t care about me.

Lenny. I’m naming him Lenny btw.

I am nothing without Lenny. Seriously. I am refusing to write right now because I don’t want to use my .5 lead pencil.

I am such an idiot, privileged, first-world wuss. What the heck am I doing right now, writing a blog post complaining about a pencil!??!?!! I have got to PULL myself TOGETHER. Some people don’t even have pencils. What is wrong with me?

I talk so much about how art empowers people, but what does that even mean? What about the people who don’t have pencils? How will art empower them? Would a pencil make their life better? Do they even want pencils? Do they even have time to care about art?

Art does not empower people. The Holy Spirit empowers people, whatever that means.  If I dedicate myself to art, I will spend the rest of my life complaining about pencils.

I have to dedicate myself to something else.


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