lolol. look at that scary person behind me.

kenzie’s actually not scary at all once you get to know her.

I deleted my instagram acct. which is a long story. so I suppose i’ll be posting more sweet photos here.

I want to take pictures to remember things again. like little souvenirs from life experiences. i’m tired of taking pics just to show off. i’m tired of working so hard to curate some profile that makes me look prettier and more talented than I actually am. the truth is…

the image does not define the self.

all of those profiles do not reflect our souls. appearance is a lie. it is a lie. it is always hiding something. Or misrepresenting something.

I love images. I use them a lot. and I am so glad that we have eyeballs and that beauty exists. i’m just saying that ever since Eve’s eyes were opened, we’ve been trying to hide ourselves.

^o snap that was good.

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