someday you will sit on your front porch and think to yourself, it all worked out; wow; this is really good. but until that day, you’re going to spend a lot of time worrying. you’re going to analyze and regret and second-guess and panic and try to force things to happen. you’re going to wonder and wonder and wonder if you are making the right decision and if God even cares. you’ll feel pressure to choose quickly but also wait for something better to come along. HOWWW??!!!!!?

how. are we supposed to make all of these decisions if we don’t know what the right ones are???? this is so…so frustrating. I just want to know already how it all works out. or at least get some direction. I mean I feel like i’m all on my own here, Lord. what about a lamp for my feet and asking for the ancient paths and all that? why don’t you ever make it obvious what you want people to do? or maybe you do? I mean I really don’t know.

all I know is that I really want to know that it all works out and that i’m not going to screw any of it up by making the wrong choice. can you promise me that? really can you?????

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