no teeth


the person in this photo is one of my v best friends in the world. his name is Mr. Apple.

what was the coolest thing that happened this week? hmm let me think.

i’m thinking i’m thinking i’m thinking.

hmm. I mean really it was all good. no complaints here. I don’t want to forget any of it, ya know? I feel like it’s all going to go by so fast. and one day i’m going to look in the mirror and be like, oh wow; I have grey hair and wrinkles and no teeth; i’m almost dead and it all went by so fast.

I hope i don’t have a lot of regrets. sure i’ll have some. but I don’t want to regret a lot of big things. I mean who does, really. i don’t want to regret not learning more, not taking chances, not getting to know people. not talking more about faith and stuff. i’m so bad about that.

not making more art. not helping more people. not having some sort of legacy. i just don’t want to waste it, ya know? my time here. i want to never be afraid of anything. i want to remember the point. and I want to chillax and stop worrying about what ppl think. that’s my thing. I want affirmation and approval and all that, and I want it over and over and over. it’s just rlly taxing and prohibiting. I think a lot of ppl struggle with it. but I want to overcome it before I become a dead old lady.

one more thing and i’ll shut up. beauty is rlly complicated. is it bad to value beauty? because that’s my whole life. I’m a really visual person. and beauty has always mattered a lot to me. like, with art and design and appearance. and sure it’s caused some issues, ya know, cuz vanity does that. but like, is it bad to care about beauty? and also, Edward Fella says that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder—it’s in the culture of the beholder. and I think that’s rlly fascinating.

phew. that was a lot. i’m just full of thoughts lately. college does that to you. ok. bye, kenzie. hope you enjoyed my post. text me when u read this. luv u. bye.

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