don’t leave a place for the sake of running away. leave because you need to, or you’re supposed to, or it’s time or whatever. don’t run away from something familiar just to prove yourself. it takes just as much courage to stay when you’re supposed to stay, as it does to leave when you need to leave.

Corrie Ten Boom would agree.

i once taught a sunday school lesson about this. paul and lydia. we talked about how some people go away, like paul, and some people stay, like lydia. away or stay, they’re both okay. cute right?

just because you’re staying for now, doesn’t mean your time won’t come to leave eventually. but leaving prematurely just reveals how prideful and unfaithful you are. ya gotta trust the process. trust the timing. and listen. listen really well. do it.

a note for meg in the future. hi meg sup.

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