people have told me college is the best four years of your life, which is the most depressing statement in the world. it can’t be true. however. every single moment of life is just really important. or as corrie ten boom says, “every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see.” man I love that quote. and man, that is such a good book. I need to reread it for realz. anyway, I only have a year left in this place. and I gotta take it all in. even though i’m ready to be done and to sleep more and to move to santa fe or somewhere really really really warm. because I mean this really is a good time. i’ve got it so good. i’m learning so much about life and whatnot. eat pray love except less stupid. so ahem without further ado, january…

  • wow so much can happen in one month it’s amazing how much goes on when you rlly stop to think about it
  • watched maddie fish
  • birthday
  • froze butt off
  • didn’t drink enough water very bad
  • struggles with After Effects my goodness so hard
  • step tracking thanks to Ivy
  • running
  • paper making. AHHH. so cool.
  • cold weather hiding?
  • became candle lover thanks to kenzie. who knew they could bring so much joy. and coziness UGH.
  • storyboarding
  • typefaces galore
  • landscape architecture
  • too many classes
  • Family Matters
  • food is confusing
  • bingo night
  • art party
  • salt lamp
  • game night
  • bonfire
  • dresser hunting
  • a little sadness
  • letter sketches
  • control freaking
  • art career day
  • history of animation
  • decisions
  • new church
  • cafe weekends
  • logo file organizing
  • cmyk, spot, rgb
  • need to take more pics of ppl/events. always forget
  • beating pulp
  • arrested development
  • bought some of those little hot hands hand-warmer packs
  • enneagrams
  • inadequacy
  • bowling with chris
  • brooklyn 99 w abby
  • eager & tired & overwhelmed & lazy
  • black raspberry dark chocolate chunk

so sleepy…

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