the photo on the right was in an exhibit about the women’s march, but it was mainly about the term craftivism, which is exactly what it sounds like. crafting + activism. I think that is the weirdest made up term I have ever heard. seriously? why do museums have to label things with these ridiculous terms. if I want to sew a blanket to give to a food bank or something is some old academic guy really gonna come up to me and say, aha, you young lady* are engaging in craftivism. that would just make me mad. i’d be like, um excuse me old guy who the heck are you and why are you trying to put my actions into a box like that. shut up dude.

idk why that makes me so mad. it’s totally accurate. the women’s march was part of a movement. and all of the women who participated in it were conforming to this movement. I don’t want to call them chess pieces because that sounds mean, but that is essentially what I am calling them. is that a bad thing? no, not really. not at all. I mean of course we have to be careful and always remember what ferris bueller says about isms. but some movements are certainly worth being chess pieces for. what I mean to say is that the danger arises when we begin to label ourselves as activists. dude. don’t do that. calling yourself an activist borders on virtue signaling, self righteousness, and arrogance. the truth is that we can participate in movements all we want. but when we do, we have to recognize our tiny little selves as what we are: expendable. if you want to participate in a movement and you feel like you absolutely have to give yourself a title, don’t call yourself an activist. if you must, call yourself a disciple. that is much less sexy. i’m sorry. and in the Bible, most of the so-called disciples died horrible and painful deaths. sorry also.

but if a movement really is worth it, like the civil rights movement or the apartheid resistance movement or maybe the contemporary women’s movement, then I suppose dying for it will seem like the only thing to do.

obviously sometimes dying won’t be necessary. but sacrifice certainly will be. always. sometimes u get to sacrifice sexy stuff like that time I bought this cool new mug because it was eco friendly. but a lot of times to rlly make a difference u have to sacrifice hard things like ur coolness factor or your goat cheese addiction or the chance to have a family or your kidney or pride or sanity or man card or etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera. to be honest with you, I am not very good at any of the things I am ranting about. but I am an idealist so I know all about what a true hero looks like. 🙂

people these days claim that everything is political. and that is true. Aristotle’s been saying that “man is a political animal” since 300 bc so nothing new there lol. but what people commonly misunderstand is just what the word “political” means. So really, when people say that everything is political, they are really just stating the obvious and nothing profound at all.


being a woman is so freaking complicated. so is being a man, I would imagine. but being a woman, dude. it is hard. the pull between the physical and the emotional is just always tearing u apart. or me, at least. I’m not supposed to use ” you” statements apparently.

okay. that’s all.



*do men ever get called craftivists?  I just feel like by labeling this as a sub-category of activism, scholars have perhaps belittled the act. maybe i’m being dramatic.


  1. Kenzie Pruitt · February 25, 2019

    hmm. you’re very cynnical in this


  2. Kenzie Pruitt · February 25, 2019

    i spelled it wrong bcuz i tihnk its funny to spelk worps wromg


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