Jesus has been getting ready to die all week and i’ve just been running around like an idiot playing with my hair and whatever. UGH it’s so easy to forget everything that is the point of life.

this week some dude in a cowboy hat was standing outside the student center handing out little books and he gave one to me and said really hurriedly “it’s the gospel” and I was like “okay thank you” and kept walking and I immediately regretted taking one because it’s the sort of little pamphlet u never really read and want to throw away immediately but I knew that I would feel terribly guilty if I threw away the gospel bc I mean even if it is smashed into this poorly designed little book it’s still the most important truth in the world so now I have this little book and have no clue what to do with it.

if u want to know about the gospel, I will save you the trouble of reading a little book. here is what you need to know:

there’s something inherently wrong w/ the world. have you ever thought about why ecosystems cannot maintain homeostasis all the time and errors in DNA replication occur in the first place and utopian communities do not exist and bad things are constantly happening? why do bad things happen at all? have you ever wondered this?

it’s because there is a disorder that exists in the universe, entropy, and it’s constantly increasing. evil—it’s just present all the freaking time. all up inside us, too.

are you evil? I know I am, honestly. when u sit in silence in your room at night, have you ever admitted to yourself that most of your intentions are actually selfish?

we r terrible people, and life rlly does suck.

but the truth is that God exists; how could he not? when u sit in silence, u know it’s true. and this god is completely devoid of evil; he’s all goodness. obvio our nasty asses can’t be near such a pure, eternal thing.

so what happened? this god decided to put himself into one of these messed up human bodies and join us. he entered this awful, evil world, and then he sacrificed himself so we could escape it. why did he do that? lol ask someone.

the end. I hope cowboy-hat guy would approve.

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