finally opened a book and remembered why design is amazing. this stuff is gold gold gold. I can’t wait to get out of school so I can actually teach myself all this. I wish we’d been forced to read more textbooks in design school. they rlly skimped on the technical design skills here. a lot more focus on conceptual/ideation stuff. but it’s cool cuz ima read this entire book on my own this summer.

Ragged text creates a soft, irregular edge that won’t quite fill out columns. The irregularity of the rag’s shape becomes more pronounced as larger text sizes—for instance, in a headline or title. It’s OK: a well-placed element will help optically “mark” or “complete” the right edge of the column.

If a column of text is crossing over several rows, and there are paragraph breaks within it, they need not fall at a row guideline. Causing them to do so is a possibility, but it results in awkward separations within the column and an overly self-conscious quality to the layout’s typography.


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  1. Steve · May 25, 2019



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