first of all, putting ice cream in hot chocolate seems like such a great idea. it really does. but the truth is that the ice cream just melts and makes your hot chocolate cold, so really you end up with a lukewarm chocolate drink and no ice cream. it’s not great. in fact, it’s much better to stick with what you had in the first place. eat the ice cream and drink the cocoa, but don’t try to mix them. sometimes when you put two really good things together, they end up messing each other up. or cancelling each other out. or becoming something mediocre. have u ever tried to force a relationship to happen and become a lukewarm version of yourself as a result? i’m sure I have. for the longest time I dyed my hair blonde because I wanted to be a blonde person. blondes are great, obviously. but me and blonde hair just aren’t great. blonde does nothing for my face or eyes. darker hair looks better.

  • anyway, these r my yens for tomorrow:
    -check the mailbox
    -turn in typography folder
    -sbucks in the morning
    -call about freelance job
    -work on video project
    -go to work
    -eat better
    -go for a run
    -make massive progress on video project
  • also,
  • yay friday I have no obligations or anything. ima a free woman. glory!! hmmm what should I do.
  • wait I think friday I do have something to do actually. saturday is my free day. and sunday. and monday until 3:30. woop woop still a free woman.
  • actually saturday I do have a little something around three
  • oh my gosh both of my projects are due on monday. when am i gonna have time to work on them slash what have I been doing for the past five days.
  • I am annoyed bc cacti r extremely on trend right now and I feel this rift inside of me because I can’t like trendy things but I do like cacti so whatdoido.
  • is a rift like a cleft? bc that’s what it made me think of, which made me think of that song: rock of ages, cleft for me.
  • cleft is like a play on words. cleft the noun like an opening for me to hide in, but also cleft the verb as in jesus the rock was split open for me
  • when you throw glass against a wall it breaks and the shreds go in different directions. today someone said that’s what would happen to our friend group when we graduate. it was sad. but also kinda exciting. I mean life happens six months at a time. that’s just how it works. who knows where we’ll be in three yrs. who knows. it’s exciting.

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