nothing makes me happier than when my sistas laugh at my jokes. literally nothing

I thinks it’s crazy how u can be like a thousand different versions of yourself w a thousand different ppl. when ya get out there in the real world, it’s so hard to recognize yourself. u know, u just become so many different things. but all it takes is 48 hrs w the ppl who know u best, and u r back to your old ways. the person you’ve always been. the no-filtered, unapologetic version. the bra-less, acne-scarred, ugly-laughing you. the you that spills velveeta cheese dip on ur shirt and doesn’t know why u r eating velveeta in the first place. the you that doesn’t count because youre not on the clock. know what I mean?

no one really knows who they r. but maybe we don’t need to think about it so much. also. social media is a lying bitch. images in general are, really. appearance is such a tricky tricky thing. truth does not come naturally to us.

ok like I guess this is social media but I mean like fb and insta and what have you. mkay. that’s all. wait no it’s not.

a man bun on a woman is just a bun. —a quote by madi kenzie and meg

ok now that’s all

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