well, folks. this was exactly one yr ago. the day before I had been sitting at dunkin after work fiddling on my computer and taking a pic ft. my beautiful cactus phone case and those lovely bright pink earbuds. I miss them both. it was the friday from the week I wrote this actually. quite a week. went to jury duty and painted some fish on a wall. on that day at dunkin I was beginning to work on the graphics for theology cafe. sigh. a year ago. 

time is so weird. so weird. truthfully, so much has happened. which is great. highs and lows and memories and changes and art and whatnot. lol. but right now I don’t feel like reflecting on all that. i’m in a bad mood.

well shoot. looking at all these old photos from the beg of the yr is making me nostalgic. me and ivy, going to our first class of the yr together all excited and cheery. it was scuba class oc. having to park on the very top floor of the parking deck everyday and thinking that the view was amazing. our brief yogurt parfait obsession. re-learning to draw. lol. learning to climb. nine-hour studio days twice a week. oh my gosh that was crazy. I was such a weirdo by the last class. sitting thru gd history and being amazed slash falling asleep. sigh. my pics r so random lol.

ugh. just four more months and then school is over forever. man. the real world is going to suck. I can already taste it. is this what’s left of life? working until 5:30 and then feeling tired and glum and eating ice cream until bed? eep! I can see how it’s so easy to get into that cycle, ya know? especially when ppl and things r so spread out from each other. how do u connect with anything here?

i’ll miss it. the freedom and lack of sleep and pressure and days of making things. getting to be totally self-absorbed all the time. it’s been nice. guess it’s time to start serving others or whatever.

july starts in an hour and fifteen minutes. wonder how it’s gonna go.

well. I guess that’s all I have to say. mkay.


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