IMG_4510 2.jpeg

um. where do I begin. this summer was so not what I was expecting.

started off with a diving trip that I sometimes forget even happened. it was amazing.

then four weeks of intense poster making. which was in-freaking-credible.

then two months in flor-ida. spent a lot of it working at a preschool and attending to 4 year olds. that was a doozy. I almost went crazy three times. but also, what a blessing. I learned so much. I met so many kids & ppl. ughhhhhhh. u know, sometimes u don’t know why or how u ended up in a place. I wondered those things whenever I found myself arguing with a preschooler, or driving home on a road lined with palm trees. four yrs ago I’d never predicted that i’d be spending a summer at a preschool in the bottom of florida. but that’s what made me appreciate it so much.

that’s what I love about having moved a lot. u learn that everything is temporary, aka, nothing is permanent. and that truth is freeing. makes u worry less about making a fool of yourself. if things get too crazy, you can always just run away. that’s what I tell myself anyway. just take life as it comes to you, because it happens six months at a time. < 3

I hardly worked on art & design this summer, which I felt guilty about mostly. but I think that it was actually a good thing maybe? that’s another thing. God’s plans do not equal your to-do list.

my biggest regret is that I still haven’t learned to juggle, which was actually no. 1 on the to-do list. but o well.

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