hi it’s me. oh lord there’s a bug on the wall across from me. laskjfal;ksdjf;mlksd,jfskd,jfamsldk.fjsldkfjsak

anyway. there’s a scene in the secret life of walter mitty where walter is about to get on this plane with a drunk pilot, and the pilot is anxious about the approaching storm, so he goes “let me just finish my beer shoe first.”

I get stuck drinking my beer shoe a lot. metaphorically. like u know how anxiety can sometimes lead u to just kinda sit and worry and not do anything. also known as stress paralysis, maybe. like over the summer when I was packing up my apartment, it took me forever. I was so stressed about packing it that I just kept zoning out and thinking about how much I had to do while I was packing. wasted a lot of time. but I freaking couldn’t help it.

anyway i’m concerned about the future. I don’ know what to do. that’s all I have to say.


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