hello. thoughts:

  • trust ur gut
  • but also, u gotta cultivate ur gut and make sure you’re taking care of it. so that you can rlly hear what it’s trying to tell u
  • I think that holy spirit + gut are related
  • lots of really cool elements to graphic design
  • men r straightforward & honest, which would b nice, if they were smarter
  • u have to like urself, firstly. or at least know who u r. then u have to b ok with being alone with ur thoughts. or at least know why being alone makes u scared.
  • ima get a dinosaur tattoo
  • my dad thinks i’m a bad painter
  • it’s completely fine to go against the flow. once again I must refer back to the matrix.
  • i’m stalling rn. of course.
  • what should I do for my exit show.
  • if anyone reads this, would someone plz buy me some papermate markers. I love them but I have to save my money
  • learning new skills takes practice practice practice. and unlike art, u can’t bs it. gotta practice.
  • i’m talking about the guitar. and juggling. and climbing. fishing.
  • but it’s completely possible to learn new things. ppl forget that. and they say things like, you’re an artist? that’s so cool. i’m not artistic at all. blah blah blah
  • u think I was born good at this? no. I spent thousands of dollars to get this good, idiot. and i’m still learning.
  • phew, srry bout that. got a lil heated there
  • I mean, sure, some people have rlly good instincts. but u also gotta train urself to be in touch with those intuitions
  • be mindful, keen, aware of yourself
  • ya know, gotta cultivate that gut.
  • all comes full circle
  • trust ur gut. and cultivate it

mkay i’m done chao

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