trailer park

I read somewhere this week that Jesus isn’t your cheerleader. I suppose that is true. u know, u get all these other cheerleaders in ur life and it becomes a little overwhelming. all these ppl telling u how great & right u r. can’t be healthy, anyway. there’s a lot of terrible advice out there.

I guess jesus is a coach. or a teacher. those r so cliche they lose meaning though. he’s a jedi master. yes that’s less cliche.

I heard somewhere once that the holy spirit whispers so that you have to get quiet enough to hear him. I can see how that would make it hard to listen to him around so many cheerleaders. it’s nice to be liked. but also, sometimes u just need to run away. so things don’t get too loud.

i’d like to hide for a few days.

i’m so grateful for god. he gives life meaning besides seeking a fancy job and running away from your parents and whatever.

I just want to make good art. what the heck is wrong with that.

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