to do list + week


  • exit project – the whole thinggggggg
  • finish making website port
  • practice guitar songs for midterm***
  • mail grandma thank you letter
  • find some jobs…
  • write up guest speaker reflection for pro prac
  • brand identity exploration + whatnot for design center
  • paint some cool shizzle

this week…

bc sometimes u need to remember everythinggggg
& see all the pieces fit together…

sunday: a climbing movie. stayed up all night paintinggggg…so much painting. so little sleep. why did I do that? anyway. a late start to the morn. some portfolio design. some climbing. some food. tryna figure out exit show proj. all the notes on the floor. eep. an irritating convo about florida ugh. an incredibly timed gilmore girls meme ur welcome yeet master. monday: a meeting w some gingerbread ppl so coooool. at buvez. pics of dt posters. an amazing salad sigh. work. michaels for exit show inspo. pics of canvases & glitter & tissue paper. phone overwhelm freak out + a biggggg break. deleted social or something. choosing a song to play on guitar ❤ tuesday: hid that blasted phone & deleted all me messages. bought a cap & gown. some bad guitar playing. more class. aligning all those portfolio pics. a nice chat outside w bekah. some sleepiness. com group & a chat about “journeys.” also learned that I should totes become a face painter at disney. bought some hair dye late at night. … still stressed about that dumb exit project. wednesday: work. putting up flyers on campus. more work. witnessing a sanuk person. deciding what to do. main library w chris <3. refreshing chats. serious exit planning…and tWO ideas glory glory hallelujah. the hardest part is just choosing an idea amiright. bc before you choose something, the whole world is at your fingertips and that’s just too too much to hold. 🙂 ugh so relieved. Zebus. a lesson on the first four chapters of Romans. free from phone glory. thursday: skipped guitar class bc I still suck. exit class. presented my idea heck yeaaaaa. fabulous. a tour of the dodd. a lovely puzzle. back to michaels to buy a half-off canvas. and a neon pink marker. guitar song practice. sounding gooooddddd. wow practice rlly does work. a discouraging slash inspiring chat from a business consultant. geez so many rules about how to have a good life chill lady. a lovelyyyyy chat w chris at sbucks. a lesson on web design. websites r essentially files. rlly cool. very pretty hair and half of a chickfila wrap. a night of people watching. friday: work. a lovely talk with my own father on the way to class. wow so good. spilled my guts. v good advice. y do I act so private about things?… a longgggggg class. a difficult text. a presentation about gingerbread. honestly it’s a long class but v good vibes. a walk home. some coffee. ivy’s fancy gig at the botans. so lovely ❤ ❤ tj maxi + menchies. tj’s at night will always be a happy concept. more ppl watching, & chatting, dancing, bonding yada yada. hard truths. some podcast recording. sat: the chillest, most cool-fall-vibey morning ever. another hard text. but freedom wow. a walk to frutta bowls for an amazing bowl. oc. some hair-dyingggg omg what have I done I laaaavvv it. a chill afternoon. teaching abby to climb. tacos & tortilla chips, which r annoyingly good. a reminder that the end is near. some menchies. some guitar. some chilling.

and now here we are. a rlly good week. feelin free & aware. : )

words this week…

  • If you don’t tell ppl what you want no one will know who you actually are. (ivy)
  • Don’t save over your process work. (spivey)
  • Certainty leads to closed-mindedness. (com group)
  • Well done is always better than well said. (hannah)
  • People don’t understand the value of design, (career recruiter)
  • You will eventually have to tell a client, “Some of this might be hard to hear.” (brit)
  • Everything that everybody does makes sense to them when they do it. (pam)
  • Keep pertinent visual info above the fold. (spivey)
  • Fear is ten feet tall and paper thin.
  • Don’t spend your money & labor on crappy food that doesn’t satisfy you. (isaiah)
  • We don’t need to stress about our career like these people are telling us to because we don’t even want those things. (chris)
  • Being clear & honest is hard but ultimately the right thing to do (dad)
  • Pursue things u like & don’t settle. (ivy)
  • It’s ok to not always know what you want. (dad)
  • Only honey goes on top of the fruit. That’s just proper açaí bowl construction. (kenzie)

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