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Ginger! it’s going to say ginger. bread. looonggg way to goooo. must fix the n.

excited for the week ahead. no clue why. just ready for it. hmmmm.

I wonder how the next 12 yrs of life r gonna go. where will we be in 12 yrs. hmm. i’ll be 33. that’ll be strange.

sometimes I forget that I love design ya know. school becomes a mix of fascinating & dull. sometimes I love it, and then sometimes it becomes so much that it’s too much and ur brain just shuts down and stops enjoying any of it bc it’s too much all at once. does that make sense. and then u think u hate ur major when rlly u don’t & it’s perfect. u just need more time to take it all in & rlly appreciate it. like, I feel like I don’t get to appreciate everything enough bc I don’t have time. I took this one class jr yr that I’m pretty sure was the coolest class ever. but I was so tired that I slept thru most of it. a real shame.

anyway. there r a thousand ppl telling u what to do w ur life. u must decide who u want to listen to. and u should prob listen to none of them. ppl think u r automatically being dumb if u don’t heed their warnings, but the truth is that it’s incredibly difficult to discern who to listen to out there. u just gotta live ur life and make the mistakes u r going to make. I believe that’s the way to do it.

experience is the greatest teacher. is that how it goes?

“what would u do if you weren’t afraid?”

^perhaps the best thing u can do instead of listening to all those loud ppl is to just ask urself this, every now and then.


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