the ironic corruption of innocence (the word)

let’s talk about the fact that this word is used in a derogatory sense all the time. the term innocent means not guilty. free of any wrongs. and somehow that means u lack experience? u r missing out?

there is an archetypal concept of sacrificing something innocent to make amends for another’s grievances. jews killed lambs and the french republic killed Sydney Carton.

we think of innocent people like pharisees. the pharisees weren’t innocent. they were terrible prudes and not innocent. they were snobs and rule followers and religious jerks and yada yada yada.

jesus was innocent. do u think he was naive? do u think he missed out bc he never let himself go? what. that sounds so dumb.

the innocence of christ allowed him to sacrifice himself for others.

there is something incredibly weighty about setting your own desires aside for a greater good that u can’t fully understand. I can’t explain it. but d mil said this once and it’s sort of related:

As silly as it sounds, I realized, late that night, that other people had feelings and fears and that my interactions with them actually meant something, that I could make them happy or sad in the way that I associated with them. Not only could I make them happy or sad, but I was responsible for the way I interacted with them.

I think my point is that we have turned this grand word “innocent” into a way to insult virgins. when rlly its meaning is so much more weighty and complex and spans far far far far far past that. it has rlly nothing to do with nativity, when u think about its historical sense. they r 2 separate things. “naive” is an insult, sure, I guess. but to be “innocent,” well. I guess that’s a high and distinguished honor. that truly none of us deserve.

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