one more day. one more long night and then it’s all over. what a pleasant 3.5 yrs it’s been. I mean not all pleasant but overall v pleasant. but ugh ive become such a narcissist. geez.

ugH. freedom. just round the corner. so much freedom.

life yens:
embrace dat beach life
move to desert + kick art butt
learn to surf.
run around
make rlly good friends
own a bird
save world
just like freaking chill

what’s the point in doing things u hate to make lots of money. ofc u need money to survive but why u gotta try to make so much. come with me instead. it’ll be more fun I promise.

actually I take it back. money is nice. I hope I marry a rich man. gosh that’d be so nice. I mean what would I even do with myself if my husband were rich. ew what would my purpose be. ew. i’m rlly conflicted. it would be so nice to be taken care of forever. but also like rlly annoying. gosh i’m rlly conflicted about this. what do women want. I have no idea.

can u imagine being loved by some rich guy who’s got his life together. is that even a real thing. ugh I would love to be adored like that. but geez men have such high expectations. and then they put this ideal version of u in their head. and then they get to know u and they’re disappointed. it’s so hard to keep up appearances.

keeping up any kind of appearance is rlly exhausting. I just want to eat cookies and stop caring.

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