let me tell u the story of this project. every time I showed up to class, I had a completely different design. finally one day my prof scolded me: it’s good you’re taking feedback into account, but do you even like this version anymore? what do YOU want? you have to be able to know what you like and stick behind it. nothing that you’ve ever made has been bad—all of it works. I can tell you’re going to have a distinct design style in a few years. all of your options have been good. no, you don’t have a problem with simplifying things—you have a problem with developing things. so what do YOU want?! what does MEG want????

I wanted to weep into this lady’s arms. i’d never felt so seen in my life. so called out for my bs. it was like god was holding me by the face and asking me, what do YOU want??? who areeeeee you????? what’s your gut saying? hello?

it’s so hard to stay true to yourself when u don’t know who u are. or when you don’t know what you want, or when u have imposter syndrome. in other words, u gotta have confidence. confidence. it’s the only way u will ever figure out who you want to be, or who u want to be with, or what u even like in the first place. perhaps you’re not the world’s greatest designer, but u gotta take who u are and own it even if other ppl can’t c the potential of your design. even if other ppl vote for the other option. choose the one u like, and follow that whimsy down to its logical conclusion.

what does meggggg want??!#$@@!#$

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