cs lewis said we read to know we r not alone. I guess I need to read more. everyone feels alone at some point. every single body. it sucks but everyone has felt that awful sick feeling of emptiness. ugh it’s the worst. u know what im talking about? where ur heart actually feels empty. it’s so strange. but it’s this real sensation. I think ppl who experience major change have prob felt it more. it will hit u when u realize that the world is so much bigger than your daily routine. that the minute u leave your town, u r surrounded by an entirely new group of people who have no idea who u r. that’s when ur heart feels empty.

it can suck to feel things sometimes. especially ache. there’s no getting around it, tho. u gotta feel it. and then write about it. so ppl know they r not alone.

on sunday the reverend was talking about how luke wrote down his account of what happened with jesus so that his friend theo would have “certainty.” he was literally writing his personal experiences down so that others would be encouraged and feel validated enough to believe. sharing ur account of your life gives other ppl faith. so ya writing is freaking important. even in 2019. it’s the only way u can say something without getting interrupted.

um. I feel like a feather.

also. i’m going to fail this guitar test tomorrow.

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