quotes from thanksgiving 2019:

“I’m at my best when I’m a free bird!”

“Holidays make the world a beehive.”

“I’m getting a lava lamp.”

“I got a lava lamp.”

“Welcome to our collaborative workspace.”

“I was thinking we could have a shelf wall.”

“I’m getting everyone a Toblerone for Christmas.”

“When would you want the pool lights to flash like that???”
“Maybe when you’ve taken substances and want to heighten the effects?”

“Come join us, Madi. I’m serenading everyone from the balcony.”

“Stop whining. You have the world at your fingertips.”
“But I feel like the world is slipping from my fingertips.”

“Things of this earth aren’t competitions of God; they’re reflections of God.”

“You think 9:30 is early?”


“I’m deleting our conversations and all of my social media accounts.”

“What if I put the Napoleon wig under the Santa Hat…”

“You have pretty eyes.”

“I think you’ll fit in here because Floridians are weird.”

“I’m making friendship bread.”

“Trader Joe’s.”

“Birds aren’t real.”

“I’m taking a shower. See you in 2030.”

“Should I try a cat eye?”

“I feel rootless.”

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