it can be extremely difficult to figure out when it’s time to stop hiding in the bushes and just be explicit about everything u have to say. there r a million people speaking already and it’s so much easier to just leave teeny tiny breadcrumbs for the ppl who care enough to search for them. but the truth is that u r fooling urself if u think any of this is discoverable. u r hiding more than u admit. that’s what I mean. and there are a million voices, certainly. millions of ppl r already shouting their thoughts into society’s void. and it’s difficult to rationalize why you should too.

labels make life a disaster. it’s so easy to mark someone as a player and explain all of their actions away as selfish and insincere. or call someone a prig and think that everything they do is judgmental and naive. but rlly in the end, everyone just doesn’t want to be alone. and some ppl can’t be trusted. and some ppl have weird habits. but keeping your distance out of fear will do nothing except make u sad later. there’s nothing wrong with being kind, rlly ever.

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