u know people we never have any damn clue where we’re gonna end up in life. sometimes that can make us anxious until we have a lead. but the truth is you have no idea what’s waiting around the next corner. and you just have to go with the flow and enjoy yourself as you do. TRUST. it’s all about trust. that’s why I can’t imagine a life without believing in a higher power. if there’s nothing to trust in, I mean, you’d might as well be anxious all the time. because none of what I just said would be true. the universe owes u nothing; things may never work out for u, no matter how long u wait.

it’s no wonder our entire society brags about that whole boss bitch-grind life. because if u don’t trust in anything, there’s no way that things will work out for you unless ur a savage bitch on the grind. u’ve gotta fight for yourself because nothing else in the world is.

so the thing about trusting in a god and believing that things will eventually work out for you, is that it takes all of that anxiety and savage bitch-drive away. you don’t have to worry about yourself all the time, because you know that you will be taken care of. and that knowledge gives you peace. and that peace is what frees you to think about the people around you. and to start helping and caring for them. there is no compassion without a release of the self. think about maslow’s hierarchy.

and that is why religion is so important to a society. suck it.

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