the past five ish days

  • everything you break can be fixed
  • ride the whimsy
  • the hardest pursuit will be trust
  • in greek, grace and favor are the same word. that is completely wild
  • your job isn’t ur purpose but it can help u out or put u in a unique position
  • when u dive deep it’s easier to get lost but getting lost is ok 🙂
  • this:
  • “nostalgia for something yet experienced”
  • ^^^^
  • nostalgia for something yet experienced.
  • ^UGH so lovely
  • sheep. i’m a wandering sheep
  • sometimes u have to be forced to lie down in green pastures to get your soul restored
  • I am expendable
  • even jerks are people. even though ugh they r so selfish. u just gotta keep being kind patient and understanding
  • run towards not away
  • total peace
  • trial and comply
  • u can mess up so much and still find favor
  • why have u moved so many times in ur life
  • everything shapes and prepares you.
  • just don’t worry. like chill
  • it’s a rlly nice feeling when u find clothes that actually fit u

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