preppin those chicos for valentines day. oh god.

love is something you feel, u choose, & u do. & love requires sacrifice.

these things are ancient and they’re art. & here I am teaching these kids the things that have been true forever and ever. and here we are celebrating valentines day and the fact that love exists. and in celebrating that we r also acknowledging the loneliness we all feel. everything is ancient & we r all the same. we’re aching. & we’re longing. for love. ofc.


I was talking to this older lady the other day and telling her about how emotionally weird college is for all of us, and she said something like, I really feel sorry for you young people these days. it seems like u all have to act like you’re doing fine even though you’re depressed, & u cope by numbing yourself & ghosting ppl. & I thought about how many of my friends r actually depressed, and it’s true. young people have it so hard. so so hard. there r a thousand ppl telling us to get jobs that we will hate like that’s the goal or something. messaging is the dumbest shit & nobody’s relationally on the same page. we’re just a mess. it’s all a mess. & we go along w it which is so dumb.

& i’m telling these kids about how we can love others like i’m some expert or something. but the truth is that these truths r true forever & we just gotta go back to them. those ancient paths. the fact that real love requires sacrifice. giving up your time or your things or your words or service. u gotta know who u r, and why other people matter. & u gotta care enough to love them regardless of how scared u r. insecurity is a luxury we can’t afford.

if i want a relationship to last, i can’t love someone for selfish reasons. because then it becomes conditional, & it will eventually end. man speaking in ‘i’ statements sucks. but I get it. thx ds1. happy val day. ❤

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