“all you have is your story.”

hw: 1 minute shpeal. how u came + your life with jesus. explaining the hope that’s in you.

ok ok lets do this PLAYAAAAA

All I know

I have believed and known who Jesus is for most of my life. And honestly, I’m still a mess. But knowing Jesus has given me hope for my life and completely changed my intentions. I can feel it in my very soul. I can’t imagine what I would do without it.

All I know is that clearly it has helped me. I am a crazy, obsessive, vain, insecure person. I’m emotional & never content. Like, ridiculously emotional. Like, sooooo melodramatic. Always dreaming of something better, or wanting something I can’t have, or wanting to be something I’m not. But so much of what humans do on a daily basis is a form of coping. I’ve starved myself, I’ve isolated, chased after boys, obsessed over photos of myself, daydreamed, amped up the adrenaline, tried to run away.

But numbing any aches I feel just doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

For me, I’ve found that Jesus is the ultimate way to cope with everything I struggle with. And I truly believe that if I didn’t believe in God, I would be emo and 86 pounds right now. And honestly maybe dead. All I know is that this faith gives my life direction. And that whenever I feed into that spirit, my life is more colorful and meaningful, and I eventually find that content-ness. I’m not perfect, life is still hard sometimes, but my heart has changed, and I am blown away at all the times God has saved me and protected me and cared for me. Even in the times when I was a little whiny wreck. That’s all I know.

I’ve watched God care for my family when my dad went without a job for a year. I’ve watched him make everything so easy and simple for me through every move. Hindsight makes everything clearer, and there have been so many moments I’ve whined & haven’t understood that came completely full circle later. All I know is that my faith has helped me, and it’s made everything about my life more intentional.

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