“I kind of liked unemployed Meg she was funny. She was a lot to handle but fun to watch. Made me feel like my own life was put together.”

^ Aww now i’m gonna miss these days. see, the thing about nostalgia and the present and shit is that if you’re an idiot, you won’t find contentment in a moment until it is behind you. but of course you learn these things as you go. so now I know. you’ve got to treasure every single moment of your little life. if I play my cards right, I may never be unemployed again. i’ll be a working professional for the rest of my life. sigh. holy cow I am so grateful for the past three months. I was so weird but really it was fun.

  • I moved to fl
  • worked in a print shop
  • worked at a construction co
  • befriended the elderly
  • got a boating license
  • interviewed with the miami HEAT. what.
  • ran a THIRTY k.
  • crashed car
  • broke laptop screen
  • took a relationship class
  • became a runner
  • became a kate spade sales associate. ish
  • tried to move to guatemala
  • painted
  • became a greeter
  • and a storyteller
  • & photographer
  • interviewed EIGHT TEEN times
  • interviewed with NEW MEXICO’S SOCCER TEAM. what what.
  • did a life purpose study
  • took a hand lettering class

I thought that after college I would have to give up my days of being an introspective moody girl. but the truth is I will be moody for the rest of my life. u never stop learning. existence is sappy like that. just take it 6-to-8 months at a time.

life. happens. 3-to-6-to-8 months at a time. give or take.


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