it’s one of those things where like suddenly all the success in the world means nothing and is incredibly unimpressive. who r the heroes rlly. the lunch ladies. and nurses. & bus drivers. and grocery store clerks. and the friendly neighbors u never cared about before. the outsiders r always more empathetic. they’ve spent their whole lives ppl watching & working & being belittled.

jesus didn’t hang out w successful ppl. he hung out w the fringe ppl. his movement was the counterculture. the antiestablishment. the underground nonconforming honest gritty all-inclusive gypsy club. how do ppl not get this. they were trying to save the world. they were such obvious flawed outsiders. I don’t get why ppl think christians r these innocent naive perfect ppl now. there’s nothing tru about that. I mean it’s tru that real christians r extremely generous and kind. but it’s not bc they’re rule followers. it’s bc their hearts r literally different. they have a rlly different perspective. & they’re ok w being outsiders. i’ve met so many kind ppl of late. & their stories are decades long & gritty & rlly honest.

my old boss once said that the minute u have a problem, u become an outsider too. all these kind ppl out here who have been kind their whole lives r suddenly being thanked for it. bc suddenly the problems r bigger than our comfortable little american lives can compensate for. mkay. chao.

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