• world is in a crisis
  • work is good
  • it’s been extremely rainy. some sort of tropical depression in mexico.
  • tryna stay off the grid.
  • time management still a struggle
  • tryna rent this orange building
  • hard times for lots of people
  • lots of unease. lots of injustice being brought to the surface. & regret & humility & sorrow & ache.
  • kenzie’s listening to bob dylan right now. a timeless man.
  • “if u can, you should.” – rabbi
  • if u crop these photos just right, u can pretend you’re not on private property:
  • the harmonica seems like a cool vibey thing to learn but it’s actually a little gross
  • trying to not buy a single thing for the rest of june. except maybe food.
  • You faith will isolate you and make you more intriguing all at once. 
  • um, I think that’s all.
  • heyo mack-pru. sup.

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