people undervalue the impact of delayed gratification.

not taking the first thing that offers itself to u bc u r afraid to wait for something that feels right. comes down to trust. really. patience is important too. but mostly it’s about trust. trusting the waves of life & trusting that you are worthy of something that is good & whole. & really all of that sums up to trusting god. don’t settle.

we try to rush our life stories instead of letting them play out in a more complex & beautiful & lifelong way u know. real love takes a lot of time. & waiting. ya know. takes a whole lifetime to strengthen & last. don’t cling to something just to have it. wait until it feels right. stop being afraid that your life won’t work out perfectly well in due time. you have to wait. u just have to. otherwise it won’t age & last.

it’s like wine. u want to chug some cheap stuff early & then not have it in your life anymore. or keep it close by while the grapes weather + refine themselves, & then ferment & age, so you can savor it when it’s time. all i’m saying. have u ever met someone u want enough that you’re willing to be patient for them. all these idiots trying to rush into something out of nothing. it’s overwhelming.

same goes for kombucha.

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