things lately that have been happening

welcome to a sincere life update.

hi. I usually just write things here in very cryptic & vague terms so this is me attempting to be explicitly transparent in what I have actually been up to in life.

been doing a lot of fishing lately. not bc i’m tryna catch a giant tarpon or anything, but I just think it’s relaxing and saltwater is pretty. fish are beautiful. my buddy & I are working on documenting all of the fish in SWFL, and i’m going to design a little book about it. I think it’s going to be rlly great.

i’ve been working as a designer for a natural health co for over six months & time rlly flies ya know. i’m really grateful for a job. it’s really the most graceful office job I could have.

i’m trying to save up starting now. six months from now I have this vision of living along the river for a year and painting a lot, and that’s as far as i’ve planned. ahem, life happens 6mo at a time.

I have a lot of creative projects that i’m currently working on, for clients & also lil creative collabs & personal things, but it’s going v slowly bc I have that perfectionist-lazy-artist anxiety that ppl talk about. so I need to work on that.

tomorrow I start training for a half marathon in jan. tryna make a decent ish time.

been tired lately because i’ve been saying yes to pretty much everything & running around like a squirrel so I need to figure that out.

darth and I have been giving bracelets to ppl we care about lately, and so far it’s been making ppl’s days. it’s amazing how much it matters.

that’s all ima say for now.

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