mack says that everyone gets something different out of skydiving. when she went, her tandem instructor was this cool chill hot man who knew just what to say. he was the fearless life guide she didn’t know she needed. so here is my takeaway.

freefalling was gnarly but also very intense & uncomfortable. I knew I was experiencing this amazing thing but was also like, man it’s so cold & this wind is hard & what’s going on with my mouth right now. it was fun and a mess at the same time. a real ‘holy shit’ moment.

We ended up paying for the awful recap videos, and for my freefalling part I chose ‘island in the sun’ by weezer to play in the background. irl, the fall had been chaotic & windy & cold & wild. But when I watch myself in the vid cruising & struggling to the tune of weezer, it literally seemed like this romantic little endearing moment.

and I think that honestly, that is how the rest of my life is going to go. chaotic & emotional & wild, but ‘island in the sun’ will be playing as the soundtrack the entire time. what a perfect picture of the future, i think. it’s going to be confusing & disorienting. but also completely chillax. I feel like this is a promise. & that as long as I keep in touch with my soul, it will be totally true.

hip hip.

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