the past four days

these past few weeks have been a lot. but really the truth is that every week is a lot. life is just a lot overall. that’s how I feel. but these past few weeks in particular, I want to focus on those. because they are the most recent. so that’s what i’m gonna do.

first of all, I just read mack’s post. and she said that all you can do is impact the ppl around u and pray. and pray endlessly. it’s a good reminder. that I have no control regarding other ppl. all I can do is to pray endlessly for them. even if I don’t know why I am praying anymore. or if I will ever be a part of these ppl’s lives in the same regard again. just gotta keep praying. I have to believe god puts ppl on the mind for a reason. I guess.

  • it’s come to my attention that most ppl in the world have a fear of being alone. because it means that they are alone w their thoughts, and their minds tend to take them to bad places. I think this is incredibly tragic. what do we do with this. I hate this for the ppl I love.
  • ^ I know that facing your demons isn’t easy. and it sucks. and sometimes it creates this little panic sensation in ur gut. but without embracing what that feels like, and without coming to that ultimate source to cope, how r ppl ever going to heal?
  • ^ it’s tragic. but it’s also tragic that more ppl don’t have the ppl in their lives to love and listen to them in those moments. to be pure, sincere friends that will be with them and make them a frittata and just spiritually nurse them.
  • we are called to be those ppl to others. being a follower of god isn’t as complicated as ppl think, and being a sincerely kind person is much rare-er than we realize.

other things-

  • some sort of epic life story
  • the first step of a thankful heart is to acknowledge the source
  • we are commanded to express our thankfulness to the people around us
  • safe haven

So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you, he’ll promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God, he is most careful with you.

sometimes I forget how much peace I have. & I just assumes everyone feels the same way. I mean i’m usually rattled. but I have peace in my core.

  • not that life isn’t dramatic. drama is the spice of life tho. but it’s best to refrain from allowing warts to grow.
  • ^ that is a long story.

we’re going to be fine

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  1. Kenzie Pruitt · November 16, 2020


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