sometimes I start to feel like i’m just being dramatic & life isn’t rlly that great, like I just must be full of myself to think that life here is so much better than other ppl’s typical day-to-day. but then we have a visitor and they literally say quote—I haven’t been this happy in so long. they watch the sunset w us & laugh & have our listening ears, and they literally are in paradise. i’ll say it over & over this place is a safe haven—it’s one of the strongest words i’ve had of late. & we will use this place to lead ppl to peace for as long as we r here. i’m not tryna be dramatic, i’m just witnessing what i’ve seen. ugh.

sometimes I feel like a am just a naive person. but maybe ppl need that naivety. maybe that’s what makes this place so nice—it’s unassuming-ness. there’s enough corruption everywhere else and places with only good intentions are rare. it catches folks off guard. makes them think. nothing is actually embarrassing about having a kind soul.

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