3:18 am

I ate sugar at 2am to stay up to finish a freelance job and now I can’t sleep so here is everything on my mind and my best photos of late.

  • well the main thing on my mind right now is how much I regret eating sweets. u know how when u r exhausted your body just tells u to eat sugar. ugh I feel so gross i’m so mad
  • anyway. this past weekend was so nice. it was just rlly pleasant. I did so many things and I was even productive.
  • but overall life has been overwhelming of late. so much going on aye yai yai.
  • it’s come to my attention that being anonymous isn’t a bad thing and sometimes it’s useful for a time. there’s this idea that u have to be known, and idk where it comes from but recently I was at this place and I was thinking about how secluded it feels sometimes here at the bottom of florida but not in a lonely way in like a happy retreat haven way and then that word anonymous came to mind
  • I just think that taking some time to be unknown but also completely seen is just rlly nice
  • that’s how I feel here. anonymous but completely not alone.
  • i’ve also been thinking lately of how many ppl I have met in the past yr of my life since I moved. like I’ve met and befriended so many amazing ppl. there r just so many incredible ppl here.
  • I dyed my hair dark brown. no more blonde at the moment. it feels v v right for the current time
  • i’m not a pop girl but that jb song about how lonely he was as a kid is rlly touching. it’s gets u. it’s just heartbreaking that ppl have to feel these ways. and that it’s so hard to get a little empathy.
  • that’s another thing that came up yesterday. in order to fully understand something, u must become it
  • i’ve also recently realized how long term life is. I used to make a lot of extreme statements like I will never blank again. but life is so seasonal and ebb-flowy that I have learned I rlly can’t do that. just gotta say idk and keep going

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