so many things

i’ve been tryna figure out how to structure all the thoughts i’ve had of late. but life’s been extreme & I don’t know how to fit everything right now. so i’m just going to go thru every photo up here and talk about that day.

this was last week I think. I went on a run on monday or tuesday and was just having a fab time and took this pic along the way. that was a fun run if I remember correctly I enjoyed it a lot.

this was last sunday at the atl airport. I felt like I wouldn’t be back there for a long time and I really liked this terminal hallway so I wanted to get a pic.

this was also last sunday. before I went to the airport I hung out w my friend c. we went to a plant shop, which was fun. but it was mostly just great to catch up in person. ugh. the whole trip was great tbh. it’s just nice to have friends u have history with, ya know, and to talk to them again

this was on one of the worst days of my life. it was already a horrible day and after work I went to panera to supposedly do a horrible freelance job and stress about getting enough players to show up for our soccer game that night. it was awful. so many thoughts & worries & grieving going on. but this was the moment I remembered that u have to eat an elephant one bite at a time. so I decided to take things one bite at a time for a while.

this was actually that exact same day as I was leaving panera. there was a sunset in the street and I wanted to remember it

this was the friday before the last two images, which were from the monday after. it’s a work bathroom selfie lol. it was the day of my annual review and also the first day of the horrible awful, which wasn’t related to my annual review. many many mixed emotions

this was a few weeks ago on a friday I took off work and got my hair done and went shopping and got my dress hemmed and many many things. I was so young back then sigh

now this was actually the thursday before the friday that the horrible awful started. I was on a run and then just started speaking my prayers out loud and I looked like a crazy person but anyway, I just started praying for everyone I knew or something. and then I got to myself and was literally like, well, I don’t know what to ask for. I just felt very much like I had done everything I wanted in life already and was v grateful in that moment. I was ok with just hiding out & retiring in the ole fort for the rest of my days. and then I saw my name in the sidewalk, and I was like, wait that’s really out of the blue and I know megan is a pretty common name but still this must be a sign. so I took it as a sign that god did indeed see me out here. and it was really comforting. and then I asked god for some drama in my life. he did not disappoint. I must say

this was a few weeks ago at our second to last soccer game. that sky. always

this was at k’s wedding. it was so beautiful.

so this was actually the first apartment I saw when I sporadically decided to look at apartments. it was the week of the horrible awful but here I was with my parents and my rabbi looking at apartments. this one was a dump but something felt right about the situation too. after we looked at this place I had dinner with my parents, and it was rlly pleasant.

this was that same day after dinner at the top of a parking garage. that sunset timing sigh. I stood up there for a bit and thought about the horrible awful and the next chapter of life & how much I rlly do love the fort. and I think that was when I decided to delete social media too. sometimes a fresh start just feels nice.

life’s been a lot. I feel like I haven’t seen or spent time with local friends in a hot sec. there’s just been so much other going on. but I feel like the next chapter is about to start. & things are going to get into a groove again. it’ll be good. much ahead as always. and so many pieces i’m leaving out. but this will do for now. mkay. chao. for now

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