I didn’t realize it, but I love running. letting your thoughts fly by, passing pretty views, moving your body, escaping, using the food you’ve eaten for its actual purpose. making use of your body. it’s so healing. I think that one of the reasons i’ve been a bit down of late is that I feel so cooped up at my desk & trapped in a phase of cleaning & organizing, and I haven’t been out just to run & move. but twenty minutes into my run today, everything already felt better. and clearer. and free. maybe I do rely on running to feel better about myself, but I also rely on it to feed my soul. and clear my head. and enjoy my health. and what a lucky scenic route I have. this pic was taken the moment I realized the sky looked like it was about to rain and started to turn around. I think I get a little confused with the difference between vanity and taking care of myself. i’m still figuring that one out. but today it hit me that running really does seem to heal me a little bit. it always has I guess. everyone has a set of hobbies or places that make them feel like themselves. i’ve solved a lot of probs while running. had some of my deepest cry outs to god. felt all of my feelings. it’s nice because you are physically moving in an escaping way and that sort of metaphorically happens too. ❤

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