I didn’t know much about cats before I got a cat. but now i’m realizing how much my personality is like a cat’s. it’s nice actually to know that there’s nothing wrong w me…that’s god made an entire species of animals with a personality like mine. he understands me…

ass is so moody and independent, she craves attention but only when she feels like it, sometimes she’s so affectionate, and then other times she’s rattled and just wants to hide under the couch. she drifts off in the middle of interactions. her eyes dart around and she just hops away. she’s really quiet, even when she’s doing something completely bizarre like balancing on a lamp. you hardly notice her, and then suddenly she’s hanging from the ceiling. even though she’s so nimble and nonchalant, she’s also v vulnerable. easily spooked. she’s so shy around new people, which is a shame because they don’t get to know the true her. she’s observant, mysterious, always a bit cold—even when she’s being affectionate. she’s just always doing her own thing. incredibly hard to read. her innocence somehow makes her seem wiser. and her eyes. ugh. they’re so beautiful. she’s beautiful. she’s such a gem.

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