notes rn

  • the difference between healing and being made whole
  • mindfulness
  • “You are broken.”
  • sacrifice
  • be still
  • Kintsugi: the ancient Japanese practice of repairing cracked or broken ceramics with gold
  • you have to share your life and your blessings with others. that is what makes them worthwhile
  • open
  • addiction
  • you are enough
  • there’s no reason to be all mysterious and hide your struggles or your thoughts or true emotions. being private by definition means you’re putting up a wall. and walls inhibit pretty much everything
  • “imagine who you would be if you were fully whole—if all the cracks were filled with gold and you became even more beautiful than if you’d never been broken”
  • imagine a person with gold filled cracks
  • compassion, empathy, affirmation, affection, honesty

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