sitting at work writing down thoughts i’ve had of late

  • this post has been days in the making. i’ve just been adding these bullets little by little for wks now
  • people don’t know anything about you until you tell them
  • the ocean never gets old.
  • “it’s okay to cause a little trouble.” – steve
  • “the more I lead the more I need to step away.” – coert
  • wearing shorts and flip flops and a tank top makes me feel the most like myself. everyone has their little sweet spot life routine and mine is carrying a backpack with six journals in it and being in warm weather and making pretty but informative things. I hope I get to keep this life phase for a while. it’s been so good
  • part of love and compassion and whatnot requires you to lose yourself a little bit. Not in a bad way. In more of a kind, sacrificial way
  • “don’t project your fears onto god” – kenzie
  • the great resignation
  • i know that things r not perfect right now & work is hard & my cat is sick and kenzie is injured, but i also have this feeling like someday i will miss this time. even though we don’t have everything figured out yet i just feel like we have things so much better than we realize. i’m so grateful for it all.
  • i wish i had long hair. ugh. i miss having hair.
  • life comes full circle
  • i’m so sleepy
  • this from kenia:
  • the word courageous has been showing up quite a bit in the past wk. I think about the ppl like joshua and mary, who had to actually do something courageous and life altering, and I wonder what that has to do with the here n now.
  • i need to get back into the habit of making things. idk why i’ve let it slip so much of late. just a lot going on i guess. i just don’t want to slip for so long that i never make everything ever again. which probably won’t happen. lol. life happens in seasons. ok. nvmd. it’s gonna be ok.
  • “will this be something i won’t be able to live with in ten years?”
  • “joyous and free” <<wow
  • the first step to get sober is to change people, places, and things
  • don’t be afraid to call ppl u love out on their bs
  • god’s favor is for the people who are undeserving. : )
  • we r all being pruned
    • ‘god brings out the best in you, develops well-formed maturity in you’
  • being a servant means helping others even when it inconveniences you…
    • ‘do you want to stand out? then step down. be a servant. if you puff yourself up, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you. but if you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty’
  • ^this is a great example of web banner resizing. i just rlly appreciate it.
  • the sky is so dull today. sad
  • i’m sad to end this post but i guess it’s time. it’s been good. okay. *publish*

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