mtn biking

something I noticed back when I used to trail bike a lot more was that usually on the day when biking seemed way harder than normal and I was getting super frustrated, what was rlly happening wasn’t that I was getting worse—I was actually getting better and simply realizing my own limitations that I hadn’t been skilled enough to be aware of before. and always, the very next time I went back, I would do really well. those hard days always meant that I was on the brink of a major improvement—that I was growing, even if it felt like the opposite in the moment.

I think i’ve been going through a similar phase in life of late. for the past few months i’ve felt like I haven’t been growing much—like things have been unnecessarily rough & i’ve been doing everything wrong. but tonight I was going through the journal I started about five months ago, and there are so many good things in there. I really have learned so much during this time. and even though the lessons are harder, and i’ve made mistakes and gotten frustrated and worried a lot, I truly have become a more mature & more honest person. and if this is anything like biking, the fruits of this labor will become apparent around the corner.

in these moments of discouragement and jaded-ness, the Lord is often teaching you more than you know. and he is certainly pleased with you. he never forsakes you, even now. trust that he is refining you for whatever is ahead. that is all.

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