what time is it

time for a pictorial life update BABY

it’s been a while, so we’re going all the way back to october

we carved pumpkins with friends. and then we put them on our heads, but you’ll have to take my word for that part

naples botanical garden with mom 🙂

bass pro scavenger hunt date night. plus chickfila ofc. bass pro on a weeknight is something special. we bought our first christmas decoration : )

and here it is

family hockey outing. this was the day I sported my brand new jacket

did a bible study about the life of mr rogers and it rlly inspired me. i’ve been thinking about work again more recently as well. i’m grateful for this flexible job in a crazy time of hurricanes and wedding prepping, but i’m quite certain that it will soon be time to leave. an out-of-comfort-zone change is ahead. at some point.

a quaint sistergiving this year

(ok, i’m being way too thorough with this. there r so many good memories! i’m gonna skip ahead)

we did a weird thing to my car

this was so much fun!!

(ok I need to do some skipping ahead. thanksgiving was fantastic. we spent the first half w my fam in the condo (and did a 5k) and the second half w h’s fam. and the next day din w his mom. a rlly gr8 weekend)

(the christmas season was wonderful too. unique due to the hurricane. one of my favorite memories was hot cocoa and movies with the sisters + boys. also going to the decked out house with hunter one night. and the xmas eve service. and watching the princess switch w h one night lol. ofc I say it was great, but house reparations were also exhausting and stressful for my parents. so a mixed bag I guess you could say.)

we thought we were hilarious






the rest of the TN trip can only be described as football, hiking, bonfire, happy, in shock, johnson city, family, anticipation, PALS

(I think I had a birthday shortly after. what the heck did I do that day. I think i’m 25 now but that sounds wrong)

g + m’s wedding. so fun

THE VID HAS NO MERCY. now this came down at an interesting time. we were in the middle of the post-engagement shock what-the-heck now phase. and then all of a sudden I was crying to h on the phone bc I was scared and knew I needed him. sometimes God shows us that he is taking care of us by making us sick.

: )

i’m running out of energy so i’ll stop there. the past few weeks have been great as well. sometimes it’s stressful, but the weekends are great. last night I was a little discouraged bc i’d been wfh all day and also doing wedding planning stuff. and I just felt so in my head and alone by the end of the day. then I watched an episode of the chosen, and it happened to be the one about the wedding at cana. and it hit me that God loves weddings, and abstinence is something that god honors in incredible ways. jesus literally saved the party by creating more wine—he provided what they needed. and god told me that he sees me, and that it’s all going to be worth it. yes, a wedding is about two people, but it’s also a place where God performs miracles. that’s pretty incredible. what a privilege to be able to have it at a church. ok that’s all goodnight

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